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SunX stays on top of the competition by using the most up-to-date technology and resources to provide you with fast and accurate roofing solutions. We implement satellite and aerial photography to provide detailed and precise roofing dimensions with the highest level of precision with quick turnaround times. Our staff of experienced estimators are highly qualified and ready to provide you with professional roofing quotes and Xactimates. Reach out to us and find out how we can help your company today!



Let SunX add the rocket fuel needed to boost your insurance approval rating by providing the most accurate xactimate reports and roofing proposals.



Let SunX take the guesswork out of estimating and provide your team with detailed and precise roofing estimates and Xactimates on demand.


Allow our SunX estimators to assist your team and create roofing proposals so you don't waste time measuring by hand. We offer rush delivery as well for deals you want to close before you leave the property.



Hours of Support

Hard Workers

Hardworking Staff

Hardworking Staff

SunX is a small team staffed with experienced and talented professionals who go above and beyond! With our comprehensive experience, we guarantee to give your company the edge that your competition can’t match.



SunX is your go-to source for accurate and lightning-fast roofing quotes. With our streamlined ordering process, we made it quick, convenient, and easy to order not only roofing quotes but Xactimates too!

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Based in America, our team is exceptionally responsive and focused on providing not only timely but the very best service to our clients. Plus, we are easily accessible by phone, email, text, and social media, for convenient access whenever you need us!

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SunX brings quality roof scope estimating and xactimates to your entire team, plus with tiered pricing levels you can choose exactly what works best for your company!



Xactimates & Supplements

Professional Xactimates give your company an advantage over competition by providing your team with reports you can send to adjusters before you inspect a property. We provide your team with the Xactimate Final Draft and .esx files to help boost your insurance approval ratings and jump-start your homeowner’s insurance claim.

Residential Roofing Estimating

Utilizing the most up-to-date satellite and drone aerial photography, along with GAF e360 HoverPro, our estimators provide precision focused measurements for all residential roofing dimensions.

Multi-family Roofing Estimating

Our team estimates large scale projects like multi-family Commercial and HOA buildings. SunX will work directly with you so that your team can provide property top-tier quotes and bids.

Metal Roofing Estimating

While using SunX for metal roofing estimating, you can feel confident knowing that your metal estimates are exact all the way down to the number of clips needed and that the panels are correct.

New Construction Roofing Estimating

Thoroughly experienced in design, architectural drawings, plans, and blueprints, our SunX estimating team is fully capable giving your company a competitive advantage when it comes to making bids and estimating new construction roofing projects.

Solar Roofing Estimating

From solar panels to photovoltaic shingles SunX is your go-to source for solar estimating! Allow us to supercharge your solar proposals by providing detailed and accurate quotes using weather data and roof measurements to bring your company solar proposals at lightning speed.

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